For some, the future of technology is a thrilling glimpse into endless possibilities that were once thought to be impossible. For others, the future of technology can be alarming, filled with unpredictability and immeasurable side effects.

Wherever you lie on this spectrum, the future of technology is coming, and we are already starting to reap its many benefits. One of the areas where technology is making the most impact – and has the potential to make the most impact for the greater good – is in healthcare.

The following trends are what are helping to forge the way for digital healthcare in the future:

Patient Engagement

As more individuals become cognizant of the impact they can have on their own health, they are beginning to inquire about more tools and resources that they can utilize in order to meet their healthcare goals, which also serve as preventative measures against future health complications. This push for accessible and user-friendly resources have resulted in an increase in demand for mobile apps and devices. This demand has encouraged thousands of companies to develop the most up-to-date technological devices and the most informative, educational, and interactive apps imaginable.

Increased Adoption Of Telemedicine

With more economies looking to adopt telemedicine, it is no surprise that it is beginning to grow at a rapid rate. By 2020, the global market is expected to account for over $34 billion, with North America being its largest market. Due to the increasing number of patients requiring care, and the higher costs of medical bills and insurance, healthcare systems are trying to keep the number of hospital visits to a minimum, making telemedicine the perfect alternative.

Applying Artificial Intelligence To Treatment

Artificial intelligence is not a foreign term within our culture anymore. As we know it, artificial intelligence is when machines possess mental cognition that is intended to replicate human thought and behavior. In healthcare, artificial intelligence is used to measure data that we can then learn from to apply to treatments for a variety of diseases. This can help us uncover pertinent information pertaining to our health, like patterns and regularities in the data we find, to use on individual patients.

Utilizing medical technology, adopting telemedicine, and applying artificial intelligence into our healthcare systems is what the future of healthcare looks like.