Duane Boise 2 (1)Duane Boise is President and CEO of MMJ International Holdings Corp. and Founder of EMed Jamaica. A seasoned executive with years of experience in business development, Duane is driven by the possibility of change and innovation. He believes that “we can and must do better” in terms of health care — and it all starts with technology.

Duane emphasizes the importance of patient centric technology such as telemedicine and remote medical management devices in today’s world. They benefit patients and professionals alike: patients are able to more quickly and fully communicate with doctors, nurses, or even their loved ones, while professionals can easily and securely access crucial medical records from any location. The result: fast, accurate healthcare options for people from all walks of life, regardless of their location or their financial situation. Beyond emergency situations, this can also help doctors respond more rapidly to unexpected clinical findings, as they have easy access to comprehensive medical data.

The technology development team at EMed have consistently worked to create and deploy industry-leading equipment for medical situations. The company’s HIPPA-compliant telemedicine platform, for example, enables much-needed health data to get to EMED’s care providers faster, so that they can improve the speed of their responses. In a field like healthcare, every moment counts — and EMed Jamaica’s dedicated development team aims to streamline workflows and directly connect physicians and patients through a variety of cutting-edge tools.

From automating administrative work to encrypting medical records in Bluetooth-enabled devices, digital technology plays an invaluable role in augmenting patient care and creating a more mobile world of healthcare. This has always been the ultimate goal of EMed Jamaica; its affordable, state-of-the-art services were securely designed to more quickly and efficiently connect patients with the medical organizations they need to recover.

EMed Jamaica’s partnership with Tenet Healthcare exemplifies the ground and air ambulance company’s forward-thinking approach to healthcare. It also highlights the growing prominence of tech within the healthcare sector. EMed continues to collaborate with a variety of clients and create custom solutions for them. The company also recently partnered with a top provider of telehealth video and messenger services.

Duane is passionate about helping others and in turn lead to the creation of MMIJH in 2015. The company takes innovative approaches to use medical cannabis to help patients with unserved needs. They were the first company in Canada to acquire a Health Canada license to grow medical cannabis.

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