Working as a med tech CMO has rapidly changed in the past decade alone due to the advent of smartphones, mobile browsing, and social media. Today, medical tech CMOs are now recruiting influencers to help patients in new and innovative ways using the internet. With access to millions of patients worldwide, med techs are now able to collect valuable information and medical history from specific groups of individuals at any time.

Online Forums

Searching online forums is one way to discover patients and individuals within the medical community who are interested in sharing their medical information and history with providers and companies.


Reddit is one of the largest forums online which also offers a wide range of “subreddits”, or specialized forums. Forums for those who have everything ranging from chronic illnesses such as MS and Lupus to forums for those working in medicine are easily-accessible for CMOs and individuals alike. is another optimal resource for med tech CMOs who are interested in learning more about patients with specific conditions or ailments. Patients freely and willingly share their medical history and current situations to gain insight and input from medical professionals and specialists around the world. Accessing websites such as is ideal for med tech CMOs who want to learn more about their intended audience along with their wants and needs from any product or service the CMO is interested in launching and promoting.

Specialized Online Networks

Using specialized online networks is another way med tech CMOs can quickly gain access and information surrounding patients or individuals relevant to their product or the services they have to offer.

Patients Like Me

Patients Like Me is one network that is optimal for med tech CMOs who are interested in learning more about the potential opportunities available to help patients who are most relevant to their own company.

Social Media Groups

Using social media platforms such as Facebook has become one of the largest resources for professionals working in marketing and within the medical field today. Join groups, ask for input, and gather data from patients and individuals around the globe who are afflicted with any disease, ailment, or illness.

Understanding the benefits of recruiting patients within the medical industry is useful to learn more about upcoming products, medications, and solutions for a wide range of patient types within the medical community itself.