Gradually, we are seeing more physicians and more patients advocate for change in the healthcare industry. Our society recognizes that our current healthcare system is flawed, so we must look towards innovations in tech to compensate for what our healthcare system is so drastically lacking.

Recently, a group of startup entrepreneurs, investors, and other business-minded individuals gathered at the SUP-X (StartUp Expo) conference in Fort Lauderdale to discuss the ever-changing face of healthcare and what Floridians have to look forward to in the future. Some attendees from SUP-X’s conference weighed in on what they feel has been absent from our healthcare system and what up-and-coming technologies are necessary to fill those voids:

Technology should put patients in front of doctors at much quicker intervals.

The wait-time from the moment a patient schedules an appointment with their physician to the moment they are sitting in front of them in their private office is nonsensical. People consult their physicians when they have a pressing issue; having to wait an extended period of time to be seen by your physician could have some serious consequences on your health. Duane Boise, CEO of EMED, is trying to solve this issue, working earnestly to ensure that patients have access to an extensive database of physicians who can aid them as soon as they need it, not weeks or months in the future.

Technology should further personalized care.

Every patient who walks into a physician’s office is different from the last. This should go without argument, but so many physicians do not diagnose and care for their patients like they are individual cases. There is no excuse for this, yet it continues to happen. New innovations in technology will help to eradicate this mindset by providing physicians with tools that can truly help them to personalize their patients’ treatment plans. Alex Kariman, founder of MMJ Technologies, imagines that all physician’s offices will have an “Alexa”-inspired device in the future that can listen to the interaction between the patient and doctor and offer potential treatment advice based off of the latest research.

Investors are flocking to ideas like these because of the potential for true change. This is an exciting time for healthcare in Florida!