With every day that passes, more technology enters the market. This helps medical professionals in various ways to get patients the care they deserve. DeepMind’s AI is a new technology that is promising to transform the way that eye professionals assist people who feel they might need treatment as far as their eyesight is concerned.

The AI that was created is a technology that can use statistical analysis to look into the eye at the retinal level. It can detect movement, colors, shades, and patterns. From this data that it collects, a picture is formed that tells the doctor what kind of issues the patient is having. It can better analyze retinal scans and search for the more common eye diseases with more accuracy than trained experts.

It was created in collaboration between Google’s DeepMind Health, the University College London Institue of Opthalmology, and Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. The technology is able to accurately tell how to treat patients in 94% of cases that were given to it.

How It Compares To Previous Technology

This new AI technology is entirely different than that of the past. In the old days, doctors needed cumbersome tools that were difficult to use. This also meant that the eye exams lasted longer, wasting the time of patients and medical professionals alike. Of course, the result was that eye exams were more expensive than they needed to be.

The new tech also enables a more in-depth and more accurate diagnosis. This is crucial because it allows eye doctors to catch certain issues like glaucoma before it is too late. Sometimes, a few months can make all the difference between having great vision by treating a condition or suffering from long-term issues.

How It Helps During The Eye Exam

Eye exams are almost never comfortable for patients. In fact, sometimes, they can be downright painful. This is due to some of the tools, lighting, and holding the eyes open for so long. The technology will help you during your eye exams by reducing the time you need to spend in positions that are uncomfortable, as well as letting you get the help you need faster.

Looking Forward

Only time will tell if DeepMind’s AI is here to stay. It still needs to go through clinical trials and get approval. Once it has completed those steps, the technology can be used in Moorfields’ U.K. clinics and hospitals. If that does occur, it will only be the beginning.

When it comes to eyesight, it is one of the most precious things that humans have. Without the ability to see, you can lose your life’s passion and other serious side effects. Luckily, technology like DeepMind’s AI is making it so that more and more people never have to worry about this kind of thing. They can have confidence that they will catch issues early and see now and into the future.

This won’t be the only use of technology of that level, AI will be able to predict so much more in the future, for example, Google’s Medical Brain group has stated that they created a system that would be able to predict if a patient would be readmitted in the future. With technology able to predict more every day, we will be able to better plan for our health.